More than thirty years ago the pace of Rafael Conde Stud started, raising Horses of Spanish thoroughbred in Extremadura meadows of Sierra Grande, in the property of Nueva Cholaica meadow, halfway between Hornachos and Campillo de LLerena in the province of Badajoz.

The famous Extremadura meadow is the witness of the stud raising, with its oaks , the queens of the Spanish vegetation because of its adaptation, beauty and endless green, and the rockrose and its flowers that dye in white the green spring fields, with thyme and rosemary filling with its scent every dawn. It is the nature in its most pure condition.

And also natural is the upbringing of the horses in Nueva and Cholaica meadows. There the mares enjoy an ideal environment to fulfill its multiplication function. Mothers of the future horses, they live in a lightly uneven ground, with valleys that protect them from the hard winter climate with strong freezing dawns. The oak forest gives them shelter from the rain or the summer hot sun allowing the animals to acquire progressively a contrasted wildness and perfect resistance.

The same thing can be said about the colts of the cattle in the freedom of big fences. Once they are weaned they frolic and enjoy  the games of their age. When they are fifteen months old males and females are separated and the meadow continues being witness of their balanced and natural raising.During this time the colts have been pawed and not more, until they arrive to the three years, beginning their taming then with the necessary patience of the well done things that these noble animals deserve.

It was at the end of the sixties when D. Rafael Conde acquired the mares that constituted the founding nucleus of his cattle raising: Farruca II, Zurita V, Malagueña, Madrileña , from N brand, pure twitch.

These mares with breeding horses of the same line, from the twitch of Military Stud, as Fetiche, Reberte or Tebeo, or from the cattle of D. Francisco Fernández Daza, as Visigodo, Apetecido II ó Elegido IV, have given what is today the Cattle of  Rafael Conde. They are mares with an uniformity of characters, with a defined type and with the high class of the world known  Spanish Thoroughbred, that unfortunately is disappearing.

Select breeding horses, origin mares and contrasted quality (Champions of their breed in different Competitions), an upbringing in freedom, a natural and balanced raising make the animals to manifest strength, temperament and guaranteed nobility. This is the horse of the Rafael Conde Stud.

Its merits: silver and brass medals in the High Champions 1998 and 1999 with "Vanidosa XVI" and "Violetera II", Champions of their bred and Best Cattle in different exhibitions, many other prizes in competitions through the whole Spanish geography, and the best prize for a cattleman: the fact that his mares have been the origin of different great cattles of Spanish Thoroughbred, like " Plaza de Armas", "Dehesa Cabeza Rubia", among others and the appreciation of its animals that are mainly bought  from abroad.         

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